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Shawn Steele
Shawn Steele
Founder / CEO

I am the founder and CEO of DonorTek!  I specialize in helping non-profits and organizations with all things BlackBaud.  My primary services are Gift Receipting, Donor Acknowledgments and Custom Reporting.  If you need help with something else BlackBaud, I can probably help with that too!

Thanks to hard work, dedication and perseverance I am proud to offer a full line of tools which not only ease the difficulty of corresponding with donors but does so in a way that maintains your organizations identity, streamlines business process and ultimately saves precious time and money.

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs

– Henry Harrison Ford

Gift Receipting 2.0


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Our Products

Our ReceipterPro software takes all of the stress out of generating and delivering donor receipts and our design team will work with your staff to ensure the receipts have the look and feel of your organization. Fast, easy and completely customized to match your organizations look and feel, ReceipterPro v2 is the answer you’ve been looking for.  Say goodbye to the dreaded mail merge forever!

Here are a few of the features available in version 2.0:

  • Gift Selector Tool lets you receipt all new gifts or only those you select.  Generating receipts for 1 or 1000 gifts is simple, easy and fast.
  • Your Branding  Receipts are designed by our staff to have the look and feel of your organization.  Highly customizable and professional looking, these receipts will boost donor confidence and loyalty.
  • e-Receipts anyone? Receipts can be printed or emailed based on the donors preference. Donors can opt-out of e-receipts at any time, in which case all future receipts for them will be printed automatically.
  • Easy Retrieval  Receipts are generated in PDF format and stored on your local pc, network or the cloud for easy retrieval later on.
  • Receipt re-generation is easy.  Fixing a mistake on a receipt is super easy and an updated receipt is only a click away.
Learn More about receipterpro
Click here to learn more
Want to completely rid yourself of all receipting hassles?

Let us do the work for you!  New for 2018 is our complete Receipting Solution Package.  We send all email receipts on your behalf for all donors who are e-receipt eligible.  For those who are not, we print and mail the receipts for you as well!  Imagine, never having to worry about receipting again! We can even add inserts or flyers into the emails/envelopes for those special events!  Need help designing that flyer or insert? No problem!  Our design staff can take the worry out of creating an eye-catching flyer or insert as well!  Fully automatic and completely hands free, the Receipting Solution Package is the fastest and easiest way to receipt your donors!  Contact us for more information.

Businesses thrive on information, and your organization is no different.  BlackBaud systems store a treasure trove of data on your constituents. The problem is that you don’t have a way to easily view that data.  Thats why you need custom reports. Here are a few reports we have created for clients in the past:

  • First Time Donor Report – Wouldn’t it be nice to know when someone makes their very first donation to your organization?  You could send them a simple on-boarding welcome or a special Thank You email. Run this report every month for sure!
  • Pledge Payment Reminder – This report shows a list of all pledges which have missed a payment.  Use this report to know who needs a friendly reminder to pay on their pledge.
  • Top 100 Donors – Donors love to be thanked for their generous gifts, and this report shows you the top 100 most generous donors for each month.  Time to invite them to a special dinner or event in their honor!

Custom reporting is exactly what your organization needs it to be.  Perhaps you have separate chapters within your organization, each with their own reporting needs. We can customize reports which give them the data pertaining specifically to them, while hiding data they shouldn’t see.

You’ve probably got your own ideas for the custom reports you need.   Contact us today.  We would be happy to discuss your reporting needs and work with your staff to get them the data they need to further your great cause!

Custom Solutions

Need a custom solution?

Do you have a business model all your own?  Do you need customized software or reporting to help streamline a specific process?  We can design software applications and reporting specifically tailored to your ways of working.  Here are just a few of the benefits to having your own customized solutions:

  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Reduces risk of employee errors
  • Streamlines business process

Having customized solutions created just for your business is not as expensive as you might think and our trained staff can meet with you to ensure the end product is exactly what you need.

Here are some of the areas we excel in:

BlackBaud RE Macros and Add-ons
Business Process Improvement
Custom Reporting (SSRS, RE)
Donor Management

SQL Server





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