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ReceipterPro v2

Finally… Gift Receipting made easy!

ReceipterPro® v2 takes all of the stress out of generating and delivering tax compliant donor receipts for your 501(c)(3). Its fast, easy to use and fully customizable to suite your organizations’ ways of working. Our design team will even work with you to ensure the receipts have the look and feel of your organization. Say goodbye to the dreaded mail merge forever with ReceipterPro!

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“DonorTek has brought to the market a receipt generation system that solves a long-time challenge for nonprofits.”
– Brian Boruff

Blackbaud Executive Vice President
of Partner Ecosystem
 and Strategic Alliances

Software Features

IRS 17.71 Compliant

IRS rules are very specific about gift receipting.  ReceipterPro automatically ensures each and every receipt is compliant.

Yearly Giving Recieipts

Generate customized giving summaries for donors quickly and easily! Great for Matching Gift or Payroll deductions at tax time!

PDF Storage

Each receipt generated is archived in a HIPAA compliant PDF format for easy retrieval later on.

Template Editor

The built-in WYSIWYG template editor makes designing your own receipts and donor acknowledgement letters a snap.

Go Green with e-receipts

E-receipting capability is built right in and is fully compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.  Save $$$ on paper, envelopes and postage!

Easy Reissues

With just a few clicks you can easily re-send any receipt.  You can also add a “Duplicate” or “Replacement” stamp to the reissue as well!

On-Screen Preview

Each receipt can be previewed on-screen prior to emailing or printing (optional)

Business Rules

Use business rules to give ReceipterPro important instructions, like which Funds use which template, who is and is not e-receiptable and much more!

Employee Efficiency

ReceipterPro not only reduces employee errors, it’s also nearly 75% faster than traditional mail merge technologies.

Got 2 minutes? Watch this quick demo of ReceipterPro in action.

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Receipting at the speed of light

Reduce employee errors and improve efficiency

Most Blackbaud® customers are using mail merge technology to generate their gift receipts.  This method is cumbersome and slow.  The average time required to receipt a gift using the mail merge method is 31 seconds.  This is due to both the slowness of the technology and the manual work, which must be done after the receipt is generated.

ReceipterPro® has the following advantages over this method:

  • ReceipterPro® applies a proprietary gift analysis logic system to each receipt to ensure IRS 17-71 compliancy prior to delivery.
  • ReceipterPro® validates each receipt against user defined business rules which ensure each gift is receipted to exacting specifications.
  • ReceipterPro® can receipt both printable and e-receiptable gifts similtaniously.
  • ReceipterPro® easily handles donor opt-ops and is fully compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
  • ReceipterPro® enables gift processors to review gift receipts on-screen for both printed receipts and e-receipts prior to printing/emailing them.

This chart shows the average number of gift receipts a typical employee could create using various methods.  The red bar indicates creating receipts manually, the orange bar indicates the BlackBaud® mail merge method and the green bar indicates ReceipterPro®.  The Y-axis indicates the average number of receipts which could be generated per hour using the method.

receipts generated per hour
by method*

*data collected during a period of one year from statistics provided by a large, east coast non-profit group.


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